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Summer School Project

To provide children with a structure to keep them organized in the summer days, and to help them lead healthy lives in happy and harmonious environments, HKCC Lebanon launched the Summer School project in 2007 and has been running it on a yearly basis.

The project specifically targets underprivileged children from Bourj Hammoud and other low-income areas, where family incomes hardly meet the basic needs of the families.

Under the guidance of dedicated leaders, the Summer School project explores social issues, and engages students in group work, educational games and outings with the goal of fostering healthy self-confidence, academic growth, and creative expressions.

As these programs help the children mature in a safe environment, they also help them acquire skills they need to succeed in school.

Beside the positive impact the project has on the different educational and emotional aspects of a child’s growth, the diversity of students enhances the entire socialization process.

Exposure to a diverse group allows students to prosper in a secure atmosphere where they learn to respect their differences, accept each other, feel welcome, and develop their unique way of solving their daily problems.