Social Department / Social Reintegration & Empowerment of School Drop-Outs Program
Social Reintegration & Empowerment of School Drop-Outs Program
“Until the great mass of the people shall be filled with the sense of responsibility
for each other’s welfare, social justice can never be attained. ” 
– Helen Keller (humanitarian, activist, author)
Social welfare is the responsibility of each and every member of a community. As a social organization, HKCC Lebanon cherishes the privilege entrusted to its care and thrives at the chance of helping its fellow community members.

Through our work, we have the opportunity to bring change to someone’s life, to put a smile on a hurting face, and to sow a sprinkle of hope in the hearts of the destitute.
The Social Reintegration & Empowerment of School Drop-Outs Program specifically targets teenage youth who are in the danger of dropping out of school and the ensuing exposure to all sorts of possible social deviances. Most often than not, these are teenagers with social and academic problems and need special care.

They are also deprived of all the possible luxuries most other teenagers enjoy, and have been exposed to violence, neglect, and abuse even by their parents.
The mission of our Social Reintegration Program is to take care of these teens. Through a safe and caring environment, we aim to bring positive changes to these teenagers’ lives. Eliminating the risk of daily exposure to moral, physical, and psychological abuse, and helping them gain self-esteem to be able to live with a positive self-image have proven to be one of the most beneficial types of care they need.
Through our daily contact with these teens, we focus our attention on teaching them the basics of languages, as well as equip them with social mechanisms that will allow them to face everyday difficulties.

We try to empower them by accepting them as valued members of our society, by creating a family atmosphere around them, by instilling in them high moral values, all the while stressing our Christian teachings and principles, to prepare them to become responsible citizens and members of their communities.