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School Health Services
“Establishing healthy behaviors during childhood is easier and more effective than trying to change unhealthy behaviors during adulthood. Schools play a critical role in promoting the health and safety of young people and helping them establish lifelong healthy behavioral patterns.” (CDC: School Health, 2012)

Health surveillance in schools is a community-based approach designed to address the unique health needs of the students and their respective communities. Through the years, we have witnessed the critical role that our interventions in schools play in public health by promoting not only the health of the students and their families but also of their communities.

The mission of the School Health Services is to improve the overall health and well-being of students by offering comprehensive health services that include health screenings and diagnosis of acute and chronic illnesses.

To achieve even better results, the Center has recently adopted a coordinated school health model that is based on four main services: medical, psychological, and social services, as well as health education. These services are provided by qualified professionals, such as physicians, nurses, dentists, ophthalmologists, psychologists, social workers, and special educators.