HKCC Center Inaugurates New Dental Clinic and Ultrasound Machine in Bourj Hammoud

HKCC Center Inaugurates New Dental Clinic and Ultrasound Machine in Bourj Hammoud

Bourj Hammoud, Lebanon, October 31, 2014 – The Lebanese branch of Howard Karagheusian Commemorative Corporation (HKCC) held an inauguration ceremony for a new dental clinic, an ultrasound machine, and a power generator in its Center in Bourj Hammoud.

The new additions to the Center were a gift from the Japanese government.

The ceremony was held at the HKCC Center in Bourj Hammoud, in the presence of Japan’s Ambassador to Lebanon, His Excellency Seiichi Otsuka, the representative of the Lebanese Minister of Public Health, Mrs. Randa Hmadeh, as well as local dignitaries and officials.

The new dental clinic, ultrasound machine, and diesel power generator, were funded by the Japanese government through project “Equipping Primary Healthcare Center to support Syrian refugees and host communities in Lebanon,” part of the Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots Human Security Projects (GGP).

The goal of this “humble donation,” HE Seiichi Otsuka contended, is for the community to benefit at a maximum level.

“Lebanon is facing challenging conditions due to the regional political situation,” HE Otsuka said. “Under such circumstances, we have to help each. Even when there is a difference in political or ethnic positions, friendship, affection, benevolence, love, sympathy or sentiment are common across this world… This is the spirit of Howard Karagheusian.”

Speaking on behalf of the Minister of Public Health, Wael About Faour, representative Mrs. Hmadeh acknowledged the importance of this donation. 

“Today, we are witnessing a generous donation by the Japanese government to this successful primary health care center,” Mrs. Hmadeh said. “[This] would enhance more and more the delivery of services and would positively impact the well-being of the population.”

Mrs. Hmadeh also spoke about the current challenges facing the Ministry of Public Health as a result of the influx of Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

“The network of primary health care centers has been facing big challenges since the start of the Syrian crisis,” Mrs. Hmadeh said. “But we were still able to maintain the provision of services to 1,200,000 Lebanese beneficiaries, and more than 600,000 non-Lebanese with the same quality services.”

Addressing the guests, Field Director of HKCC Lebanon, Mr. Serop Ohanian, stressed the importance of collaborative work.

“It is by joining our efforts together that we were able to accomplish this task,” Mr. Ohanian said. “With your generous support, you have helped us increase our capacity to serve better, more efficiently, and more effectively by having new equipment in our Center.”

The ceremony also included the inauguration of the newly renovated Multipurpose Hall, which was fully funded and implemented by St. Marc Medical and Diagnostic Center.

During the ceremony, HKCC presented HE Otsuka, Mrs. Hmadeh, Dr. Abou Chedid, and Mr. Racoubian with plaques of appreciation for their support and collaboration with the Center.

In turn, HE Otsuka presented Mr. Ohanian with a collection of Japanese books translated to Arabic for the children of HKCC.

A reception and a photo op followed the inauguration ceremony.

The full list of notable guests included: 

·      Japan’s Ambassador to Lebanon, His Excellency Seiichi Otsuka, 

·      Armenia’s Ambassador to Lebanon, His Excellency Ashod Kocharian 

·      Representative of the Lebanese Minister of Public Health, Mrs. Randa Hmadeh 

·      Prelate of the Armenian Orthodox Church, His Eminence Bishop Shahe Panossian

·      Representative His Beatitude Nerses Bedros XIX Patriarch of Cilicia of Armenian Catholics, Rev. Father Ghazar Bedrossian.

·      Representative of the Union of the Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East, Rev. Soghomon Kilaghbian

·      Lebanese Parliament members Hagop Pakradounian, Sebouh Kaplakian, and Shant Chinchinian General Manager of St. Marc Medical and Diagnostic Center, Mr. Sam Racoubian

·      Representative of the Dean of the Faculty of Dental Medicine at Univesité Saint Joseph, Dr. Jean-Claude Abou Chedid 

·      UNDP Area Manager of Beirut and Mount Lebanon in Social & Local Development Programme, Mrs. Marie-Helene Kassarjian

·      Mayor of the Municipality of Bourj Hammoud, Mr. Antranig Messerlian

·      Member of the Beirut Municipality Council, Mr. Aram Malian

·      Executive Director of the HKCC-New York, Mrs. Irina Lazarian 

·      Vice Governor of the Lebanese Central Bank, member of the HKCC Lebanon Advisory Committee, Dr. Haroutioun Samuelian

·      Member of the HKCC Lebanon Advisory Committee, Judge Zohrab Ayvazian

HKCC is a primary health care center in Lebanon. It is part of the Howard Karagheusian Commemorative Corporation (HKCC) medico-social network that operates in Armenia, Lebanon, and Syria. Established in 1941, HKCC Lebanon operates through three centers: a primary center in Bourj Hammoud, and two small clinics in Ainjar and Mejdel Ainjar in the Beka’a Valley. The Center focuses on mother and child development, with services ranging from the medical to the social, as well as psychological and educational fields. These services are offered to people of all backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, and citizenships.