Board of Directors (New York)
In 1921, Mihran and Zabel Karagheusian launched The Howard Karagheusian Commemorative Corporation (HKCC) in New York in memory of their son Howard, who suffered from pneumonia and died at the age of 14. Their goal was to provide shelter to the young Armenian orphans who had survived the 1915 genocide.

From its inception, the focus of the foundation was on the physical, moral, mental, spiritual, and social well-being of children of all groups and races.

After serving decades in Turkey, France, and Greece, HKCC extended its benevolent medical and social services to Armenia, Lebanon, and Syria.

The HKCC Board of Directors was first headed by the founder, Mihran Karagheusian, who passed on his duties to his only daughter Leila in 1933.

Leila Karagheusian carried on her presidency and followed up the growing activities of the foundation in different countries until her death in 1999 at the age of 99. She was replaced by Dr. Pergrouhi Najarian-Svajian until her death in 2001. Since then, the HKCC Board of Directors has been presided by Mr. Michael Haratunian.

The HKCC Board of Directors is currently composed of the following members:
Michael Haratunian – President
H. Irma Der Stepanian – Vice President
Harry A. Dorian, Esquire – Treasurer
Richard J. Varadian – Secretary
Armen K. Boyajian
Harry S. Cherken, Jr., Esquire
Shahe Jebejian

Executive Director
Irina Lazarian

Country Directors:
Lebanon: Serop Ohanian
Syria: Dr. Bedros Darakjian

Members of the Board have kept a close interest in the economic and social situations, especially the living conditions, of the Armenian communities in the various countries that house the HKCC Centers.