Ministry of Public Health
HKCC Lebanon is a member of the growing network of primary health care centers in Lebanon.

The Lebanese Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) supports and guides health interventions in our clinics through its analysis of the center’s detailed monthly reports of cases and their corresponding diagnosis and treatments.

Furthermore, MOPH assists the Center directly by supplying medications through the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations agencies, such as UNICEF and UNHCR.

Each year, the Ministry provides the following medications and drugs:

1. Essential Drugs: Essential drugs are vital for preventing and treating illnesses.
i. Essential non-chronic drugs: These are provided by the MOPH on a quarterly basis.
ii. Essential chronic drugs: These are provided from the MOPH through the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA).

2. Vaccination program: To promote health and protect children from communicable diseases, the MOPH urges parents and guardians to keep their children’s immunizations up to date and all adults to be immunized according to the MOPH’s recommendations, with the goal of eliminating vaccine-preventable diseases.

For this reason, the Ministry provides these mandatory vaccines to all primary health care centers.

Beside administrative interventions, the MOPH also invites all primary health care centers to send their nurses to training sessions and development conferences.

HKCC Lebanon regularly participates in several workshops and conferences organized by the MOPH, particularly those related to the implementation of the accreditation process.